Email Services

Twin Wolf offers a full range of email services.

Spam & Virus Protection
Twin Wolf email provides advanced email filtering from Postlayer.   Simple, seamless and yet powerful.   Filtered email is held for 30 days and can be viewed or released to the inbox.  Users can customize their filtering and reporting of all spam through an easy to use control panel.  


Use your email from a web browser anywhere with RoundCube webmail.   Twin Wolf gives you more ways to connect, view and send email.



Email Backup
Twin Wolf does more than just backup your email, we create a Gmail account that will mirror all of your email activity.   This insures that your email and all of your email history is always available to you regardless of any failures.



Email Packages


$75 / Year
$125 / Year
$175 / Year
1 Email address
2 Email addresses
10 Email addresses  Add-on to hosting
10gb Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Spam & Virus Filter
Spam & Virus Filter Spam & Virus Filter
Roundcube Webmail Roundcube Webmail Roundcube Webmail
Email Forwarding
Email Forwarding Email Forwarding
Automatic backup Automatic backup Automatic backup